About us

Welcome to Land of Brix

The home of alternate building blocks


Playing with building blocks as a child brings back so many happy and wonderful memories of being a pirate, astronaut, knight or train conductor, simply letting ones fantasies unfold. Construct buildings, cars, planes, ships, castles or anything that one can image, that is the beauty of building blocks.
For many years that passion, that flame had dwindled but was never extinguised! 
The year 2013 brought about the birth of my son, which forever changed my life. Watching him develop and grow for 5 years, seeing many new and technolgically advanced toys come and go, yet 1 toy has proven to stand the test of time. 





In 2018 while rediscovering and rekindling the flame for my love of Building blocks, Land of Brix was born.
Looking at the toy market and seeing what was currently on offer, we made it our mission to look for alternate brands offering building blocks at affordable prices without compromising quality. 
We were able to secure many brands including but not limited to:
Mould King, Cada, Rael, Xinyu / Shineyu, and many more.
We can also offer factory direct prices and drop shipping direct to your door.


We want to make our passion your passion. Millions of people around the world are unaware that there are alternate manufacturers of top quality building blocks, therefore it is upto us to put a smile on every childs face and make memories that last a lifetime!!

Our continued promise to you:
– Great prices
– uncompromised quality
– Factory direct shipping
– Outstanding customer support